Heatrub Ultimate
Heatrub Ultimate
Heatrub Ultimate
Heatrub Ultimate
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Heatrub Ultimate

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The award-winning Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate is a best-in-class baselayer that has been independently tested and proven to be five times warmer than leading competitors. A rigorous product evaluation at the iconic Boken Institute - Japan's leading testing organisation - resulted in a Heat Retention Rating of 0.78; a standard baselayer would have a rating of 0.1-0.14, while a sweater would typically have a rating of around 0.3. So whether your passion is fishing, hiking, motorcycling, golf, equine sports, sailing, skiing, or you spend a great deal of your working day outside – the Ultimate has got you covered in temperatures as low as minus 10° Celsius. And because it's so good at keeping you warm, there's no need to 'layer up' with bulky additional clothing - the Ultimate does the work of multiple layers which also makes it a cost-effective heating solution.

Technologically enhanced 'Heat Threads inside the garment are activated through even the slightest of movements, gently brushing against the skin to generate positive warmth instantly and the construction of the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate means the heat is retained. Unlike other baselayers, the Ultimate does not work on the basis of 'compression for heat' - so not only does it provide greater warmth, you won't won't feel restrained by an inability to move freely, making it one of our most comfortable baselayers. It also features a slightly looser neckline design, which allows some heat to travel out away from the body - during testing and development of the Ultimate, a tighter neck line was found to cause some overheating.


– Independently tested and proven to be five times warmer than a standard baselayer

– Instant heat the moment you put it on, doesn't require compression/tightness to keep you warm

– No need for multiple additional layers due to the warmth generated by the innovative Heat Threads on the inside of the garment

– Incredible freedom of movement due to the stretchable nature of the fabric.


The Zerofit Heatrub technology utilises ‘double-loop’ barrel fabric which provides both heat insulation and ‘positive warmth’. These super-soft, extra-long 'Heat Threads' ensure a layer of warm air is retained around the neck, and even a the slightest oscillation and movement of these activates the Heatrub technology which delivers a warm feeling, instantly.

For consumers who are perhaps looking to buy a baselayer for the first time, it’s worth noting that the Heatrub Ultimate is twice as warm as a standard sweater or jumper but the stretchable nature of the fabrics gives it a considerable performance advantage for active sports and working outside.

The Zerofit Ultimate Baselayer


To fit Chest Inches Dress Size*
XS 28-32 6-8
S 32-36 8-10
M 36-40 10-12
L 40-44 12-14
XL 44-48 14-16
2XL 48-52 16-18
3XL 52-56 18-20




The Heatrub Ultimate baselayer has been engineered to stretch to the demands of many outdoor sports and activities, and although the size chart shows optimum chest sizes, the Ultimate is engineered using an incredible four-way stretch fabric for incredible flexibility.

It comes up slightly more snug than the Move, and we would suggest ordering a size up from your normal t-shirt or polo shirt size.

*Please note this assumes standard bust and abdomen size